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ASM 410 translates IGES to GDSII. This translator is useful for organizations that need to exchange data between GDSII based CAD systems and mechanical based CAD systems that read and write IGES.

ASM 410 attempts to preserve as much information form system to system as possible. Full hierarchy and all layer separation is supported. Text is supported.


  • Supports GDSII rev 3-6 and IGES 5.0
  • Supports structure and layer organization
  • Built in linker to convert IGES line data into GDSII boundary data
  • Optimized for Electronic Design Applications

To translate from GDSII to IGES see the ASM 400 page.

ASM 410: IGES to GDSII Stream Translation Table

IGES Entity GDSII Entity Comment
Copious Data (Type 106) Simple closed Area Entity Form 63 Boundary: up to 200 pairs of x,y coordinates. No sides may intersect; first and last point coincide A maximum of 200 vertices is allowed. If more than 200 vertices are used in the IGES entity the GDSII entity will be truncated at 200
Circular Arc Type 100, Composite Curve Type 102, Line Entity, Type 110, Linear Path Type 106 (Forms 1,2,11,12, and 13) Boundary or Path. If these entities can be linked into a closed boundary, then a boundary is produced. Otherwise a path is produced. If modified by Line Widening a Path is produced. The linker uses the endpoints of any zero width "vector" entities and attempts to build a boundary. If a boundary can be constructed it will be output to GDSII in that fashion. Certain attributes such as line type (dashed/dotted) and line color are ignored. Circles and Arcs are exploded into segments with resolution under the users control
Plane Entity Type 108.
Must be bounded (Form+1). A bounded empty (Form-1) is possible but the empty attribute is lost in GDSII.
Boundary ----
Subfigure Definition Type 308. Rotation and scaling are supported Structure Definition ----
Subfigure Instance Type 408 SREF ----
Rectangular Array Subfigure Instance Type 412 AREF ----
General Note Type 212 Text Text Height, Rotation, and Mirroring is supported. Font information is not passed
Levels 0-63 Layers 0-63 ----

Notes:Other IGES entities that have no equivalent in GDSII are ignored. These include 3D information, Dimensioning,View Information, Hatching, Color or Line Weight. ASM 410 can be customized to support additional IGES entities not mentioned above.

Advanced Linking Routines

ASM 410 is the only IGES to GDSII translator that has the capability to link IGES vector data (lines and complex arcs) into GDSII boundary data. By sorting the vector data by endpoints and connecting the endpoints together, closed boundaries are formed. Several error checking routines guarantee that the GDSII definition of boundary is met. Boundary data is essential if the Calma stream database is to be used for controlling mask making equipment such as photoplotters, pattern generators,and Ebeam machines.

Platforms Supported