CIF2DXF    CIF to DXF Translator

CIF2DXF is a translator from Caltech Intermediate Format (CIF) to AutoCAD's format. The CIF format is created primarily by university developed layout tools such as Magic and Kick. DXF is commonly used throughout the mechanical design industry as a data exchange format.

CIF2DXF is very easy to use and includes several translation options that may be useful to mask designers. These include the ability to convert wires to DXF polylines or outlines.

CIF2DXF also supports MOSIS text extensions not defined in the original CIF specification by Carver Meade.

  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • Supports All Angle Data
  • Scaling on-the-fly
  • Wire to Outline option
    Symbol Block
    Layer Layer Name
    Polygon Zero width closed polyline
    Box Zero width closed polyline or pline with width
    wire Polyline with width or 0 width closed polyline
    Flash Circle or Donut
    Text Text

    Command Line Syntax
    cif2dxf   [InputFile]    [OutputFile]    [options]
    Input file  can be a filename or '-' indicating standard input
    Ouput file  must be a legal filename
    -o            convert wires to Outline data
    -e[h|f|r]     specify path Endtype to be flush, half extended, or round
    -b[b|p]       convert CIF Boxes to path or boundaries
    -m            miter square ended acute path vertices - applies to '-o' only
    -r[e|f]       specify RoundFlashes to be output empty or filled
                  [default = -re]
    -sX           scale output by X [default=1]  
    -w            suppress warnings
    -q            rin in quiet mode
    -cfg:filename use the filename specified in place of CIF.CFG
    -scan         perform first pass only
    -log          log output to disk - same as '-q'

    Platforms Supported Solaris SunOs HPUX Windows 95/98/NT-4/2000

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