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Most package designers use layout software that checks the design rules in real time - when the layout is complete the designer knows that the rules entered into the software are fully complied with.

However in some cases a designer has to work with data that came from other sources and he is not sure whether the layout meets the design rules. Rather than attempt to import the layout data "intelligently" into his layout software (which is difficult and time consuming), it would be useful to be able to run a DRC directly on the input data and know immediately whether or not the layout meets the rules.

snapshot of Qckvu3 after running spacing DRC
Red X's indicate where spacing rule of 12 um has been violated.

Artwork has developed a lightweight DRC engine specifically for the RDL and package design industry. This lightweight DRC can quickly make a number of important checks to insure that a layout complies with basic design rules.

Interactive or Stand-Alone Engine

The DRC can be run interactively from within our GDSII Viewer, Qckvu3, or the drc engine can be run from a batch or script file.

What Can be Checked?

The basic checks are:
  1. Polygons Spacing - polygons on a single layer

  2. Enclosure - all polygons on one layer enclosed by polygons on a separate layer

  3. Minimum Line Width - detects "traces" and insures they meet minimum line width

  4. Enclosure/Spacing - polygons on one layer either enclosed (min) or spaced (min) from a second layer

  5. Effective Pad Capture - computes effective pad capture between RDL metal and via layer