Video Tutorials

GDS-SR for RDL Wafer Scale Masks

Video demonstrating how GDS-SR can generate a wafer level mask for RDL circuits. Includes setting wafer size, die stepping, generating sacrificial die along margin, knocking out areas, substituting alignment die in specified locations and generating GDSII output as well as a SINF output.

8:10 mm:ss


Using Reticle Shot Map Input with GDS-SR

This short video shows how fast you can take reticle shot map information and generate a complete wafer level mask layout. We added this feature because most foundries supply a reticle shot map and we wanted to avoid the manual computations to convert that data into die step and offset data.

03:59 mm:ss


GDS-SR Automation Scripting Tutorial

This short video explains how to set up a script to run GDS-SR completely from the command line. Ideal for companies that can extract all the data required to produce their RDL masks from manufacturing software.

07:12 mm:ss


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