MBS2TIFF/GDSII is a program that converts a MEBES pattern file and jobdeck into high resolution bitmap and GDSII mask data. It is available as both a library (DLL) and as an executable. MBS2TIFF is typically used in an OEM environment by equipment companies that wish to compare camera data against the CAD data used to produce the mask.

flow chart of mbs2tiff

Raw bitmaps can be created in memory or TIFF/BMP formatted bitmaps (monchrome) can be written to disk depending on the needs of the calling program.

GDSII Stream Output

Alternatively, the output can be specified to be in GDSII stream format.


DLL Function Calls

Sample Calling Code

MBS2TIFF/GDS Command Line

MBS2GDS script with Layer map

mbschk utility

mbschk multi-clip proof of concept



  • New Fast View Option
  • Large File Overflow Detection
  • New C# Wrapper

  • Supported Platforms

  • Linux 32/64 (RH4 and later)
  • Windows 64 bit

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