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QisMLibNtrc Library/API

The QisMNtrc API/library is intended to provide support for displaying a GDSII/OASIS layout and for tracing out connected nets based on the physical touching or intersection of conductors with vias on appropriate layers. It is supplied as a pair of shared libraries that interact very closely - thus providing a high performance solution.

This is a library for OEMs - typically inspection or FIB manufacturers whose equipment will display a camera image overlaid with the CAD data. The QisMNtrc library enables a client to select a point (or points) on a layer and determine all the electrically connected conductors through all layers.

QisMNtrc architecture

There are optional functions to detect digital drivers, to detect potential open/short circuits and an option designed to use a list of "hot spots" and to then report all nets that pass through one or more hot spots.

Since GDSII/OASIS files can be quite large, NetTrace has a number of net extraction approaches that enable quick tracing -- fast enough to be the basis for real-time inspection tools.

Net Tracing Details

Tracing Behavior

Technology File/Stackup

Derived Layers

Seed Point

Driver Detection

Open/Short Detection

Hot Spots

Memory Maps - Fast Open


Linux - RHEL5 64 or later
(and equivalents)


QisMNtrc Programmers Notes

also see: QisMLayerSynth Notes