StepVu Stepper Control File Viewer

StepVu reads a stepper control file and converts the instructions into a GDSII layout display showing where the various reticle shots are placed on the wafer. A mask engineer who is responsible for creating the stepping recipe can use this program to quickly verify that his window selections and stepping instructions are correct.

StepVu produces a GDSII file prior to display.


This can be useful to package engineers who design whole wafer masks intended to add packaging metalization to the wafer as it provides them a completely accurate way to identify the die locations along with any target or fiducial locations.

Wafer Map Viewer - StepVu also supports the industry standard SINF format for wafer maps. This data is also converted into GDSII and can be used as a basis for generating redistribution circuits.

StepVU Display

The StepVu program is implemented as a plug-in to Artwork's Qckvu3 GDSII viewer.


  1. Cell Placement - view the "cell" placements with labels to verify which cells have been placed.

  2. Measure - Zoom and Pan as needed and measure locations of alignment cells.

  3. Layers and Colors Each unique stepper cell gets its own layer.

  4. Generates Wafer Outline and Flat or SEMI Notch.

Supported Formats

    ASML PAS2500

    ASML PAS5500

      demo [video]

    We would like to support steppers from Canon, Nikon, Ultratech and GCA and are interested in working with companies that can provide examples of control files for those brands of steppers.

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