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Artwork has been writing tools for processing RS274X files for over 25 years. During that time we have come across many files that are extremely large and difficult to process - sometimes the reason these files are so large and difficult is because they are written out poorly by the layout software that produced them.

Over the years then, we wrote many routines to detect these issues and to "clean" them prior to passing the data to the program code that actually manipulates (converts or rasterizes) the data. Eventually we gathered the various pre-processing routines -- which had been distributed between various application programs -- into a single library that we now place in front of all of Artwork's Gerber related processors.

We are releasing this collection of cleaning and conditioning routines as a stand-alone executable called split274x. Both GUI and command line options are available. The library is also available to OEMs who wish to tightly integrate the pre-processor into their software.

GBRPREP User Interface

While many users will want to use split274x in command line mode for batch or script based processing, some will prefer an interactive interface. GBRPREP64 provides that interface by collecting user input and then launching split274x.

data flow for split274x

Who Would be Interested?

If you offer photo mask or PCB services and you routinely accept Gerber data from your customers you might be interested. Especially if you have customers that send files that bog down your photo plotter.

Or you might be an equipment manufacturer -- say inspection -- and you need to import large Gerber files to generate the "golden" reference.

Preprocessing Functions

Below - a list of issues that are addressed during the cleaning process:

Dynamic Range - Format Statement

Redefined Apertures Mid Stream

Redundant Aperture Definitions

Remap Out-of-Range D-Codes

Filter Closely Spaced Vertices

Break High Vertex Count Polygons

Redundant Layer Directives

Redundant SR Directives

Fix Poorly Defined Arcs

Arc Recovery

Convert Circle/Rectangle Draws to Flashes

Platform and Operating System


64 bit Windows 7/8/10


64 bit Linux RHEL 5 or later