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The ODB2GDS64 translator was initially designed as an OEM application for equipment manufacturers that wish to support ODB++ for the purposes of imaging or inspection and who already support the GDSII Stream or OASIS formats.

ODB2GDS flow chart

It is also useful for end users who have PCB design tools but who wish to use mask writers that require GDSII/OASIS stream as their input.

The converter can be used either as an executable with a GUI, a command line executable or as a dynamic linked library for those OEMs who wish to fully integrate it into their application.


GDSII output is standard. OASIS output requires its own license (which includes GDSII). All code for both outputs is included in the release package.


Windows 7/10 64 bit

Linux 64 bit (RHEL 5 or later)


odb2gds64 includes Artwork's high powered multi-threaded Boolean which is very useful when converting large ODB++ files commonly generated for multi-layer, flip chip package designs. Conversion that used to take hours run in a few minutes.