The Ball Map Dialog Box

The user specifies the file to bring in. The user also specifies:

  • 1. which row to start reading data
  • 2. which row to end reading data
  • 3. which column holds the net names.
  • 4. which column holds the ball JEDEC names.
  • 5. where the A1 ball is located.
  • 6. Size of the spreadsheet cell

The user also specifies the font and size for the netnames and for the JEDEC labels.


Importing the ASCII data

The import process is much like importing a text file into Excel. The reader supports space and tab delimited files If signal names are to have spaces in them then the file must use quotation marks around the signal names. Ballmap can ignore a user specified number of header lines. The importer supports mutli-column files - the user specifies which column represents the JEDEC labels and which column defines the signal names.




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