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Probers, Pick and Place, AOI - Wafer Map Formats

Once a wafer is completed, it is normally probed to determine which die on it pass and which die fail. This information, along with some reference die is output as a wafer map.

An optical inspection test (AOI) may also be made on each die in the wafer. The AOI machine may read in a map file in order to know which die to inspect and it can write out a map file to report on the inspection results.

After the wafer is tested, it is sliced up and the individual (singulated) die are arrayed on a sticky plastic membrane. A pick and place machine or a die attach machine then uses the map file from the prober (or the AOI) to select good die and place them in "bins" or perhaps the good die are directly attached to an package.

In any event, for this process to work, the map file produced by the probing machine must be read by the die pick-and-place equipment or die attach equipment.

data generated by the die prober is used by the die attach equipment to select only good die for mounting.

Data Flow from Probe to Die Attach

What we have attempted to do here is to catalog as many probers, AOI machines, pick-and-place and die attach machines in use and to identify (when possible) the map file formats that these machines read and write.

Accretech/Tokyo Seimitsu UF-3000EX (300 mm) A-PM-90A Binary proprietary format.
  UF-2000 (200 mm) A-PM-90A Binary proprietary format.
FormFactor (ex Cascade) Summit 200 (200 mm) We have an example file but no documentation
  PA 200 (200 mm) PA ASCII
Electroglas EG6000 (300 mm) SECS II Binary; English units 10E-6 (0.1 mil)
  EG-4090 (200 mm) SECS II Binary; English units 10E-6 (0.1 mil)
MJC Micronics Japan Co., Ltd. PW-8000, (8 in) Unknown  
  AP-80 (8 in) Unknown  
  BP-3000 (12 in) Unknown  
SEMICS OPUS3 (300 mm) Unknown sent email to both SEMICS and US Rep 07/31/2018; No response
They have an office in Austin Tel: (512) 305.3789 left message 01/25/24
Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL). P8 (200 mm) Unknown Binary
  P12 (300 mm) Unknown Binary
  Precio Unknown Binary

Pick and Place

3S Silicon Tech (Taiwan) Pick & Place Unknown Sent Request for Info on August 6, 2018
ASM Pacific AD 830 Unknown  
Capcon Ltd. COW Die Bonder 2060W Unknown Sent Request for Info on August 6, 2018
ESEC (Besi) Esec 2100 Unknown Sent request for information August 7, 2018
MicroAssembly Technologies MAT 6400 Unknown  
Royce Instruments MP 300 Unknown  
  AP+ Unknown  

Kulicke & Soffa
AD 898
(acquired Alphasem in 2006)
Alphasem 9006