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Release Contents for WMAPI

This page contains the contents in the release for WMAPI v1.17 05/25/2021

When installing one selects the install directory, referred to as the "root" directory. The listing below is relative to the root directory. Hover your mouse over any filename and a tooltip will provide more detail as to that file's function.

<install_root> WMAPI Installation Folder

folder Documentation

folder Wafer Map Files

folder WMConfig

folder WMDemoVB

acs.key       contents tell library what type of license to use: floating (FLXLMGR) or node locked (FLXNODE)

CoreLib64.dll Common functions used for map libraries.

fhostchk.dll Utility for reading computer’s hostid

flexlm.lic       License file. Contains license strings for product features; Used only when license is node locked to a computer's hostid or to a USB dongle.

KeyCheck64.exe This is used by the installer to check licensing at install time.

lhostchk.dll hostid library

unins000.dat uninstall data

unins000.exe uninstall executable

WMCLib64.dll C++ 64 bit API library

WMCView64.dll C++ 64 bit API View/Display Library

WMDemoVB.exe Visual Basic Application Demo. Source code and project files to build this are located in the WMDemoVB folder.

WMLib64.dll   Wmap Core Functions Libraries

WMNLib64.dll .NET Bridge API Library for Map File Processing

WMNView64.dll .NET Bridge API Library for Viewing and Editing

WMView64.dll WMView Functions Library

xerces-c_2_8.dll XML parser library (for reading and writing map formats in XML)

folder Documentation
WMLib and WMView API.pdf API Documentation for C++, VB.NET and C#

folder Wafer Map Files
 folder E5-1296
  E5-1296.txt Sample Map file in E-1296 format.

folder WMConfig
WMFormats For each format supported by the libraries there is a corresponding resource file which may define defaults, or otherwise help the library read or write the format.

Just because you see a resource file here, does not mean you have the ability to read and write that format unless you also have the correct license for the format.

Many of these formats are specific to a particular wafer fab or assembly house.

  ASY.txt     resource file for ASY map format

  ATT.txt     resource file for ATT map format

  E5-1296.txt resource file for E-1296 map format

  EM(MAP).txt resource file for EM(MAP) map format

  G85.txt   resource file for SEMI G85 map format

  IBIS.txt   resource file for IBIS map format

  MAP001.txt   resource file for MAP001 map format

  SECS-EG(TXT).txt resource file for SECS-EG(TXT) map format

  SECS-EG.txt resource file for SECS II and EG binary map formats

  SINF.txt   resource file for SINF map format

  STIF.txt   resource file for STIF (ST Microelectronics) wafer map format

  UNISEM.txt resource file for map format originating from Unisem

  VIKING.txt resource file for Viking binary map format used by Zevatech pick and place.

folder WMDemoVB
WMDemoVB.sln Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 solution file

 folder WMDemoVB
  App.config VB .NET application configuration

  Form1.Designer.vb VB .NET file representing the main application form layout

  Form1.resx   VB .NET resource file

  Form1.vb     Visual Basic source code file for the main form

  WMDemoVB.vbproj VB .NET project file (solutions contain one or more projects)

 folder MyProject
  Application.Designer.vb Visual Basic source code file for the application

  Application.myapp Application XML description

  AssemblyInfo.vb Visual Basic application version file

  Resources.Designer.vb Visual Basic application source code file

  Resources.resx Application XMLreosurce description

  Settings.Designer.vb Visual Basic application settings source file

  Settings.settings Application XML settings file