For Immediate Release
May 10, 1998
Santa Cruz, CA

New HP EEsof to PADS Power PCB Translator!

Artwork Conversion has released a new translator for converting layout information created by HP EEsof into PCB layout information for PADS Power PCB.

This new translator reads the Series IV/ADS mask file format (an internal format used just prior to artwork generation) and converts it into a PADS ASCII file format that can be imported directly into PADS.

This translator works with both PADS Power PCB version 2.0 and 2.1 although we recommend 2.1 because it supports a much larger number of vertices per boundary that the 2.0 version.

Each microwave polylgon is converted to a copper pour polygon in PADS - Empty figures in the microwave are converted to copper cut polygons in PADS.

Microwave layouts done in Series IV/ADS can be dropped into an existing PCB design.

Price and Delivery

MSK2PADS runs on Windows 95/NT and costs $1500 for a single user license or $2000 for a network floating license that can be used throughout a single site.

More Information

Contact Steve DiBartolomeo, Applications Manager, at Artwork Conversion. The datasheet and examples are available on Artwork's WEB site at

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Tel (831) 426-6163

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