Artwork releases first Open Access Engine

November 6, 2007

Santa Cruz, CA - Artwork Conversion has released its first Open Access engine - a boolean operator for the OA run time environment called acsBool.

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The Open Access reference implementation does not include boolean operations: and, or, xor, minus and sizing. These operators are absolutely fundamental for physical layout, DRC, LVS, and DFM. By offering the acsBool as a plug-in, developers using OA can create useful applications quickly.

Snap In

We have implemented the boolean as a plug-in that C++ programmers can quickly and easily incorporate into their applications. By inheriting the oaRegionQuery class, one that is constantly used by all applications, we have made it quite straightforward to specify the sets of shapes to booleanize and to retrieve them from the plug-in. The boolean is intended to be invisible to the application.

Powerful and Robust

It is not that difficult to write a boolean operation for simple conditions: small data sets, Manhattan geometry and a limited number of vertices per polygon. It is another matter to code a boolean that supports very large data sets (say 100K+ polygons), all angle data and polygons with 5,000 vertices. acsBool does all that. It is also multi-threaded so it can subdivide the boolean work onto as many additional CPU's as are available.


acsBool will be available on the standard EDA platforms and operating systems: Sun Ultrasparc (Solaris 10), Sun Opteron (Solaris 10), RedHat Linux 4 64 bit, Suse Linux 9/10 64 bit and Windows.


Final pricing has not been set and will depend on the nature of the license - we expect that acsBool will be of interest to both independent EDA developers and internal tool developers.

For more information about acsBool or to arrange an evaulation, visit our WEB page: or contact:

Steve DiBartolomeo

Applications Manager

831 426-6163

Steve DiBartolomeo