June 24, 1997

Santa Cruz, CA

New GBRPLOT for High Speed PCB Plotting

Artwork Conversion has updated our GBRPLOT program to work more efficiently within the UNIX printing environment. This makes it easier for sysadmin's to configure and install.

PCB design teams often wish to share a high speed plotter in order to make check plots of their boards. A real bottleneck has been the plotter's slow processing of large HPGL files. GBRPLOT elminates this bottleneck by rasterizing Gerber data quickly on a print server and sending native raster to the plotters. For more details click on:

pdfsmall.gif Overview

We've updated GBRPLOT so that it can be easily and invisibly integrated into a standard UNIX print queue - once installled you just send the Gerber file to the appropriate print queue as if it were Postscript or text. GBRPLOT rasterizes the data on the fly and passes it to the printer.

Speed ups of 200:1 have been measured compared to using HPGL

We've also added a few options to GBRPLOT that make it easier to install - we've eliminated the need for an xterm, added a licence wait feature (if no license is available the program waits and trys again instead of aborting....) and an RS274X command line switch.

More important to sysadmins, we've written an extremely detailed installation manual for SunOS, Solaris and HPUX which should save them hours of time. These manuals are available on our WEB site as PDF files.

pdfsmall.gif SunOS Installation

pdfsmall.gif Solaris Installation

pdfsmall.gif HPUX Installation

GBRPLOT is available for immediate evaluation via our WEB site at www.artwork.com/gerber/gbgbrplot/gbrplot.htm The program is priced at $1395 for a site license.

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