June 24, 1997

Santa Cruz, CA

Artwork Adds Support for IBM's AIX

Artwork Conversion will offer our CAD translators, postprocessors, and plotting software on IBM's AIX 4.1 operating system starting in July. Programs will run on both the RS 6000 hardware and the newer PowerPC based platforms.

"Until recently there wasn't sufficient customer demand to justify adding another UNIX platform to our current Sun/HP line but recent orders from IBM and Motorola now justify the investment in AIX." said Steve DiBartolomeo, applications manager.

"Our plan is to port on-the-fly as orders for particular products come in on AIX. It doesn't makes sense to port all 30 products immediately to AIX when demand is focussed on only a few programs. Because we've written very portable and clean source code, the port to AIX should require only a couple of hours."

Ported as of November 1, 1997

    ASM 1950 - Allegro to DXF Bidirectional Translator

    XGBRVU - Gerber view/plot software

    ASM 3500 - DXF to GDSII Bidirectional Translator [lserv4]

    XGDSVU - GDSII View/Plot Utilityr [lserv4]

    MEN2DXF - Mentor to DXF Bidirectional Translator

    MTOOLs - HP EEsof MSK to Gerber/DXF

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