IC Plotting Service

Artwork Conversion Software offers an IC plotting service. Send us your GDSII data and we'll send you back a plot. The plots are in color and can be any size you specify. We turn around most jobs in 24 hours, unless you need to approve a sample for layer/color assignments in advance.

Our plotter is a 36 inch wide HP 1055C (max plottable width is 35"). For larger plots we can plot in strips. We use our own GDSPLOT software on a Linux machine to rasterize the data and send to the plotter.

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HP 1050C plotter with IC chip plot printing

CAD Translation Services

Artwork Conversion Software offers translation services for a variety of databases.

Formats Supported

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IC Layout Exhibits for Patent Litigation

Artwork is able to provide attorneys involved in IC patent litigation with specialized prints and plots of chip layouts by using the GDSII mask data.

We create exhibits in size from 8 x 10 inches up to 36 x 42 inches which can be used to illustrate the differences (or similarities) between two designs.

We can perform services such as highlighting critical regions or nets, creating animations by layer and annotating blocks or functional modules.

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chip layout image created from GDSII and processed with Photoshop to show transparency