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Artwork Conversion Software develops CAD translators, high speed viewers and high resolution rasterizers (vector to bitmap) for CAD data bases such as GDSII, Gerber, DXF, MEBES, OASIS, ODB++ as well as proprietary formats. Artwork’s clients include end users, other software companies and equipment manufacturers.

Artwork also supplies tools for handling large IC layout databases: Qckvu3 GDSII, OASIS and MEBES viewer; QisMLib, a multi threaded GDSII and OASIS library for viewing, editing, net tracing, bitmap extractions, Boolean polygon engine and fracturing. These tools are licensed by various semiconductor equipment companies doing wafer inspection, mask writers, LDI, failure analysis, SEM, & FIB.

We also develop translators from PCB tools via Gerber or ODB++ to 3D simulation tools like Ansoft/Ansys, SOLIDWORKS, ProEngineer/Creo, CST, Agilent, AutoCAD Inventor and others.

What's New

WMApi  May 25, 2021 - Artwork offering wafer map libraries with APIs for C++, VB.NET and C#. OEMs can now integrate wafer map conversion, viewing and editing into their own applications ...

GDS_SR  May 2020 - New rectangular mode for Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) utilizing rectangular substrates.

QisMGerber  December 2019 - New GDSII/OASIS multi threaded library and exec to import RS274X; takes advantage of all tools available in QisMLib/QisMRaster.

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