ASM 870
EGS to MI Translator


The EGS to MI program was developed to help engineers who need to transfer data from the following programs to ME-10/ME-30.
  • HP EGS Engineering Graphics System
  • Graffy by Durst CAD consulting GmbH
  • HP MDS Microwave Design System
  • HP Piglet HP Internal CAD program
All of these programs support a file called ARCHIVE.EGS2MI reads archive and outputs a file format called MI that can be read by ME-10, ME-30 and Solid Designer. A direct translator will give the best mapping between EGS and MI available and is faster and easier to use.


  • Excellent support for TEXT font mapping
  • Linetypes supported
  • Colors supported
  • Outline of EGS objects with width
  • Full support of EGS hierarchy
  • On-the-fly scale factor
EGS Entity MI Entity
ARC (w=0) Arc
ARC (w>0) Must be constructed from line/arcs since MI has no width. An outline is created.
Circle (w=0) Circle
Circle (w>0) Must be constructed from lines and arcs. The circle has a cut line.
Line (w=0) Sequence of lines
Line (>0) EGS2MI creates an outline that matches the EGS line
Polygon (w=0) Sequence of lines
Rectangle Sequence of lines
Oval (w=0) Sequence of lines
Oval (w=0 Sequence of lines
Oval (w>0) An outline of the oval is created
Marker PMA entity
Note Text entity
Text Text entity
Hatch EGS hatch definitions are not translated directly to an MI hatch definition, instead, the EGS2MI program builds an assembly that contains a series of lines that define the boundary, any lines that define the no hatch or keep out areas and the actual hatch lines.
EGS Subfigure Definition Mapped to an MI assembly and subfigure definition
EGS Instance Mapped to a subordinate assembly
Implicit Stepping MI has no implicit stepping construct. Instead, EGS2MI builds an assembly and then inserts multiple times. The translator also back rotates the part definition if required when there is a rotation associated with the implicit stepping.
Dimensions EGS Dimensions are not translated into MI dimensions. Instead, a part is built up containing lines, arcs, circles and text. A subordinate part for arrows may also be referenced called L_ARROW corresponding to EGS's method of creating dimension arrows.

Special Outline Mode

Since EGS supports entities with width and ME-10 does not, we've implemented a special outline routine in egs2mi so that the ME-10 user can at least get a good image of the original data. egs2mi converts EGS entities with width into a boundary in MI.

It is unlikely that the standard fonts used in ME-10 will match the fonts used in the EGS source drawing. The longer the string of text, the more critical font matching becomes.

Artwork has addressed this problem by supplying two custom MI fonts: notes_st and text_st that were built from the EGS font notes_st and text_st. Using our custombuilt fonts on drawings translated from EGS will give correct text placement and sizing.

EGS also has provisions for other fonts, and even custom designed fonts. Artwork can convert these custom fonts into equivalent MI fonts so that your text appears correct no matter what EGS font was used. Please contact the factor for quote matching MI fonts.

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