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The EGS Archive format was originally developed by Hewlett Packard as part of their general purpose CAD drawing program: EGS (Engineering Graphics System.) EGS is now obsolete but the archive format lives on in successors such as HP's MDS, Series IV and ADS layout tools.

Our family of Archive translators can be used with any of the above mentioned programs.

ASM 800

ASM 800 is a bidirectional translator between archive and AutoCAD's DXF file format.

ASM 580

ASM 580 translates from EGS Archive to Mentor BoardStation's GEOM file format. This is useful for take a microwave or RF layout and passing it into BoardStation.

ASM 900

ASM 900 is a bidirectional translator between EGS Archive and IGES. Good for moving data back and forth between HP EEsof's ADS and mechanical CAD tools such as ProE.

ASM 870

ASM 870 converts the Archive File format into ME-10/Solid Designer's MI file format. Good for moving data from ADS into ME-10/Solid designer to do assembly documentation. One way only.

ASM 3600
ASM 3600 is a bidirectional translator between EGS Archive and the Calma GDSII stream format.

GBR2EGS reads Gerber data and converts it into EGS Archive. Ideal for importing data from PCB layout software into ADS.


Piglet2EGS is a bidirectional translator between EGS Archive and the Piglet format.


Piglet2GDS is a bidirectional translator between GDSII and the Piglet format.

Application Notes

MDS to AutoCAD

This note explains how to export your layout from MDS in archive format and convert it to AutoCAD's DXF file format using the ASM 800 translator.

Batch EGS Translations

Explains how Artwork can translate 10,000 EGS files into AutoCAD format for those moving from HP's EGS to AutoCAD.