ASM400 translates drawings in GDSII stream file format to the IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) Format. This translator is useful for organizations that need to exchange data between GDSII based systems and mechanical based CAD systems that read/write IGES.

ASM 400 attempt to preserve as much information from system to system as possible. Full Hierarchy and all layer seperation is supported. Text is supported.


  • Supports GDSII revision 3 through 6 and IGES 5.0.
  • Supports structure and layer organization.
  • IGES output types can be "switched" to adapt to different CAD systems.
  • Optimized for Electronic Design Applications.

ASM 400: GDSII Stream to IGES Translation Table
GDSII Entity IGES Entity Comment
Up to 200 pairs of x,y coordinated. No sides may intersect; first and last point coincide
Copious Data (Tpye 106) Simple Closed Area Entity Form 63 The IGES entity and the GDSII entity correspond very closely
Up to 200 pairs of x,y coordinates. The path may have a zero or a finite width and one of three endtypes: Square round, extended square
Copius Data (Type 106). Linear Path Form 11. Line Widening (Type 406, Form 5) defines the line width and end type While these IGES entities correspond directly to the GDSII path entity, many mechanical CAD system do not support the line widening Form. An alternate method of outputting paths with width is possible.
  Copious Data. Instead of line widening, the path is represented by a line weight. The implementation is useful for CAD systems that do not support line widening.
  Copius Data. Instead of line widening a Path with Width is outlined using a zero width line Loss of some information but may be the only way to read in on some CAD systems that do not support line widening or line weight
Structure Definition Subfigure Definition Type 308. Rotation and scaling are supported  
SREF Subfigure Instance Type 408  
AREF Supported as Array  
Layers 0-63 Levels 0-63  
Text Generated Note Type 212 Text Height, Roatation, and Morroring is supported. Font information is not passed
Data Type Not supported  
Plex Copious Data (106)  
Box Copious Data (Type 106 Form 63)  

Configurable IGES Output

During the development of the ASM 400 we noted that while an exact equivelant to the GDSII path is available in IGES, the majority of mechanical CAD systems did not support the line widening parameter required to pass the path width and ending information. In an effort to support as many mechanical CAD systems as possible, we have implemented multiple output methods for the GDSII path. The most exact method uses the line widening parameter. If a CAD system cannot IGES in the line widening parameter, ASM 400 can output a line weight parameter. Finally ASM 400 can output the "outline" of the path required by the mechanical CAD system.

Platforms Supported

  • UNIX
    Solaris 2.8 or later
    HP 700 HPUX 9.01 and later