Artwork has developed two diagnostic tools useful for companies developing and supporting OASIS readers and parsers. OASIS2ASCII extracts a user specified chunk of OASIS data and converts it to ASCII records. OAScan scans an entire OASIS file and produces an ASCII output that lists the cells, summarizes entity counts and provides the database hierarchy.

Together these two tools can be very helpful in diagnosing problems with software designed to open and process OASIS data. In many cases the software developer cannot obtain the entire OASIS file to examine when a problem in the field occurs. These programs can be run at the customer site and the output emailed back to the developer for remote diagnoses.


Tracking down OASIS database problems when they occur in the field is more difficult than for GDSII because:

  • OASIS has many more record types than GDSII

  • OASIS data includes large blocks of compressed data

  • OASIS has more than a dozen methods of defining polygons compared to GDSII's single boundary record.

  • OASIS uses a repetition construct to take advantage of polygons that are used many times.

  • OASIS reduces file size by using modal coordinates and settings which make parsing a file more difficult

  • OASIS files are often used for designs that are extremely large and complex




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