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Revision History

This page summarizes the changes and fixes to OASIS2ASCII and to OaScan.

OaScan Version 1.00 02/10/13

New OaScan

First release of OaScan converter.

Oasis2ASCII v1.1 01/24/2013

New output format

Ability to decompress and translate CBLOCKs inline and on-the-fly

New command line option -no_details to print only record names and file offsets

New command line options -skip and -only to output only records of interest

New command line option -pass_cblocks to ignore (skip decompression and translation of) CBLOCKs

Now available on Windows (as 32 and 64 bit programs)

Oasis2ASCII v1.0 10/16/2012

New Oasis2ascii

Initial release

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