Converting RS274D to RS274X

This page describes the basic procedure for converting the old Gerber RS274D format with an external aperture file, to the new RS274X Gerber file format with the embedded apertures.
We are starting with a Protel aperture file called 0349g1.apr, and a Gerber file called silk.gto


STEP 1 - Creating Artwork's aperture file (.apt file)

Artwork supplies with the GBRVU a tool called Aperture Generator which can translate a few aperture files from other vendors (Allegro, ECAM, Lavenir, PADS, Protel, and Mentor) to our native aperture format.
In our example, the Protel aperture file is called 0349g1.apr. After starting the Aperture Generator, We will use the Browse option to select 0349g1.apr.
Next, set the Aperture Format to Protel.
Finally, select your Gerber file. For our example, select the silk.gto file. Note that some other formats (like Pads) don't require you to pick the 274D Gerber file.
The last step is to click on the Generate and our aperture file will be saved to disk as 0349g1.apt


STEP 2 - Starting the Gerber viewer

The next step will be to start our Gerber Viewer and load the Gerber file and the aperture file we just generated.
Start GBRVU and Browse to the directory where your Gerber file is located. Set the File Type at the bottom of the screen to All Files, and select the gerber file silk.gto.
Hit Open and that will take you to the Open APT menu - in this menu, select the aperture file created by our Aperture Generator 0349g1.apt
In the next menu, make sure the Gerber Settings are correct and continue to view the file.




STEP 3 - Saving as RS274X file

The last step will be to save the file as RS274X file.
Go to the File > Export menu and set the output file name of your choice. Check the Reload after export option at the bottom. This option will load the RS274x file to the viewer automatically after the conversion so you can view the output right away.


You should now be able to view your RS274X file.