Orbotech AOI Format

June 15, 2021

We recently were presented with a bitmap that was described as a) being generated by an Orbotech inspection machine, and b) that the image was in gray scale format. Knowing only that information we were able — after some trial and error — to determine how the file was encoded and subsequently have added this format to the list that are supported by VLBV starting at version 1.37.

An optical inspection machine for printed circuit boards

It appears that the large bitmap is subdivided into sections (perhaps each section represents the scan or pass of the imaging head) and that these sections are "stitched" together vertically. Further, the width of each section does not seem to be identical.

VLBV can perform the following operations on this type of file:

  1. open and display1 the AOI file
  2. extract user defined windows from the AOI file
  3. perform XOR operations on two such AOI files

If you need to view such AOI files, or you need to extract or convert these files into other bitmap formats, then VLBV may be the ideal tool to help you do this.