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Mycronic's FPS and Prexision mask writers can image high resolution glass masks up to 1 x 1 meter or 1.7 x 2.0 meters in size. Artwork provides translators from Gerber, ODB++ and DXF into Mycronic's proprietary mask data format.

Micronic's FPS 5100 mask writer

Gerber and ODB++ files are generated by PCB and package layout tools such as Cadence's APD and Mentor's Boardstation. DXF is produced by a wide range of mechanical CAD tools such as AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS.


Translates RS274X files into MIC format.


Translates ODB++ files into MIC format.


Translates DXF files into MIC 1.5 format.


View and Plot MIC data files. For review.

GBR2MIC, ODB++2MIC and DXF2MIC run on Linux 64 workstations (the same hardware and OS that Mycronic's control software runs on and MICVU is available both on Linux and also on Windows for those that wish to review the data files from their PC's.

Application Notes

STL2MIC: Printing 3D in Photo Resist using Laser Power Modulation

Software slices a 3D model into multiple levels and converts each level into a unique MIC layer. This allows modulation of the image writer's power level on a pixel-by-pixel basis and enables users to create 3D objects in thick photo resist.

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