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Wafer Level Mask Tools

A collection of tools for stepping, clipping, merging and viewing wafer level masks used for RDL and bumping of flip chips. Reduce the time to produce your mask set from hours to minutes.

3DVU - 3D Viewer/DRC

3DVU is a 3D Viewer and DRC checker for both simple and advanced packages ...It can be used to visualize complicated packages in 3D and also to check wire clearances in full 3D. Additional modules for 3Di to STEP conversion available.

WMapConvert - Wafer Map Converter

A utility for reading wafer maps in one format and converting to a different format. New! Command line version, WMBatch, for those who prefer a version that can be called from other programs.


A wafer map utility for viewing, editing and converting wafer maps. Uses the WMapConvert engine for reading and writing map data. New! WMAPI now enables OEMs to integrate Artwork's wafer map conversion, viewing, editing into their own applications. C++, VB.NET and C# support.


SmartDie extracts pad coordinates and nets from a GDSII or AutoCAD dwg of the die. Builds a complete die netlist in seconds. Import the netlist into Wirebond, APD, Encore. Runs inside of AutoCAD 2014-2018. New! SmartDie is now available as a stand-alone application running as part of Artwork's third generation GDSII viewer ...


Documentation Generator for BGA Substrates. Helps generate a multi-page documentation package inside of AutoCAD. Customized for each company's title border and documentation requirements. Runs in AutoCAD 64 bit.

ACAD2APD - Intelligent Import from AutoCAD to APD

It is difficult to import a lead frame drawn in AutoCAD into Cadence APD but now it can be done in minutes using the two modesl of ACAD2APD - LayoutGen to add intelligence within AutoCAD and Layout2APD to import the data into APD ...


Our package design tool wizard and protoyper running inside of AutoCAD 2000 to 2009. Optimized for design of PBGA, SBGA, TAPE and HPBGA parts. Ideal for preliminary design of very dense staggered die and multi-ring packages; Interface to Cadence SIP/APD.

AIF - Data Exchange Format

AIF is a simple, open, text based data exchange format developed by Artwork together with Cadence and Xynetix, and users such as Amkor, Xilinx, AMD and Agere ... which is very useful for wirebond data exchange.

GDS-SR - GDSII Step and Repeat

A utility for quickly and efficiently generating full wafer masks for semiconductor and RDL packaging. Includes support for reticle input, replacing die, knockouts and SINF (wafer map) output.


Reads an ASCII list and import it into Excel for product engineers who need to document a BGA’s layout. The Ballmap program creates a cell for each ball pad. The signal name of the ball pad is listed in the center of the cell and the JEDEC labels are arranged outside the array.


Automatically generate a bond wire documentation package in minutes from a new design done in Cadence APD or Xynetix Encore BGA (Now Sigrity.) Bondgen extracts the pads, wires, die and rings from a completed design (via the AIF format)and automates the layout, labeling and annotation of the bond document. Runs inside of AutoCAD 2014-2018.

Aligning a Wafer Map Using Shot Map Parameters

When building an RDL mask set the package designer would like to use the wafer map as a template. This software not only converts the wafer map but uses the shot map parameters to align the layout onto the wafer ...


Wirebond reduces the time required to create bond wire documents from hours to minutes. Imports the die, places it, wires it, wire DRC, separate wires by tier, auto-documentation. Runs inside of AutoCAD 64 bit. Tagger is used to add intelligence to "dumb" leadframe and BGA drawings. Together the two programs accelerate the generation of bond documents for the factory floor.