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Wafermap Convert Revision History

This page summarizes the changes, enhancements and fixes to the WaferMap Convert program.

Wafermap Convert v1.08 01/14/2017

Added Support for TSK/Accretech UF3000 Binary Files

This version is able to read and convert binary map files produced by the Tokyo Seimitsu/Accretech UF3000 family of probe machines which output a binary map file. As an added feature, when running the conversion engine directly one can use a command line option, -uf3000_info, to extract a detailed ascii dump of the database for inspection

. Bug Fix - tsmc input format

The format we identify as tsmc; when converted older versions would not output the top (1st) row. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix - null pointer

a program operation pointed to a null location and subsequently crashed during conversion. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix - input files without suffix

Allows use of input filename without extension (without "." in the file name)

WMAP Convert v1.07 02/26/2016

Added the ability to convert WWF format to SINF and SINF to WWF format.

WMAP Convert v1.03 10/03/2014

Licensing Bug Fixed

The GUI and engine were not coordinating the check in and check out of floating licenses. This caused the engine to report no licenses available incorrectly. This has been fixed.

Layer Dialog

After entering a value in the ID field, the user can move to the next field and the value is set. Previously, unless ENTER was pressed after setting the value, the value was not updated.

WMAP Convert v1.02 09/25/2014

ID Count

A new dialog now displays each die ID and the number of occurrences.

ID Mapping

User can now map input die ID's into desired output die ID.

WMAP Convert v1.00 09/22/2014

Initial Release

Initial Release of the wafer map converter.

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