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WBatch pricing is based on the user's selection of input and output formats.

Licenses can be locked to a single computer (NODE LOCK), floated across a local network (NETWORK), or floated across multiple sites (WAN). Licenses are sold as perpetual. An annual support contract is recommended to obtain support and bug fixes.

WMBatch with a single ASCII input format and a single ASCII output format1
Floating Network License; 1 concurrent user.
For a binary input or output format2 add$500
Custom Unsupported Formats3 quote
Annual Support Contract12% of license cost

WMBatch is often bundled with WMapEdit, a tool for viewing and editing map files. Bundled discounts are available.


1ASCII Input Formats: SEMI-E142, IBIS, ASY, STIF, EM, SINF, E5-1296, WWF, ATT, 1 DIGIT, XYBin(CSV)

ASCII Output Formats: SEMI-E142, IBIS, STIF, SINF, E5-1296, WWF, 1 DIGIT, TSMC
2Binary Input: SECS II/EG, TEL P8, UF-3000
Binary Output: SECS II/EG, TEL P8.
3users should submit examples of desired map format and some sort of documentation explaining the fields. Price will depend on complexity and completeness of documentation.