3Di2XT 3Di to parasolid converter

While most users will launch the 3Di2xt parasolids converter from within the 3DVU user interface, it is possible to run the converter stand-alone from a command line.

The syntax is shown below:

3Di2XT.exe [-h|-version|<3Di> <options> [<XT>]]

 -h                        Show this help message
 -version                  Show version information
 <3Di>                     Input 3Di file
 <XT>                      Output XT file

3Di2XT options:
 -progress                 Display a progress dialog box
 -assemblies               Use assemblies to give the file structure
 -unionize                 Unionize extrusions
 -arcs                     Recover arcs from extrusions
 -hierarchy:<attribute>    Build a hierarchical XT file using this attribute
 -vertex_filter:<filter>   Remove vertices closer than this filter value (um)
 -silent                   Display no warning or error dialogs
 -log:<LOG>                Save warnings and errors to a log file

3Di2XT for FEA options:
 -alternate:<attribute>    Alternate attribute to build a hierarchical file
 -via_sort                 Build additional hierarchy by via size
 -via_merge                Merge all via parts with the same ID into a cylinder
 -remove_pins              Remove duplicate interfering pin geometry
 -expand_dielectric:<d>    Expand dielectric boards for clipped regions
 -negative_dielectric      Generate negative dielectric on the conductor layers
 -via_sides:<sides>        Replace circular vias with a low resolution polygon
 -via_drills               Add via drill holes to conductors and dielectrics
 -via_wall:<thickness>     Add holes to vias using the specified wall thickness
 -via_plugs                Add via plugs to the via holes