3Di2XT 3Di to parasolid converter

Revision History for 3Di2XT

v1.01 11/09/2016 Initial Release

This is the initial release of 3Di2XT which was bundled into the 3DVU v2.55 release.

Geometry Support

supports: 2D extruded polygons; 2D extruded polygons with arcs in the boundary; 2D extruded circles; holes including circular.

Data import has been tested using both SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor; however certain polygon (with arc) extrusions generate a single Data Invalid report when the design is checked in SolidWorks. No further information is provided by SolidWorks. Additional examination of this error is underway.

supports spheres (solder balls) but not barrels.

does not support wires

Open Issues

Flat extrusions, those with lower and upper z-heights of the same value will generate a co-incident vertex report in the SolidWorks Check dialog but will still import.

non-unionized cut-lines (which we should not see if the input 3Di has been properly unionized) will generate co-incident face warnings. Again, this does not prevent SolidWorks from opening the file.

Product ID

This converter is not part of the basic 3DVU license. To activate it use 327 or with FEA style output use: 328.

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