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Price, Terms and OEM Agreements for ODB++2GBR

ODB++2GBR is currently available as a library and hence is of interest primarily to OEMs who wish to integrate the translator into their own software. Some OEMs will want to modify or customize the program in some way - this is certainly possible assuming:

  1. Artwork and the OEM agree upon the non refundable engineering charges
  2. An OEM agreement is put in place for a quantity of licenses
  3. Artwork retains rights to any features/enhancements made to the code.

You should contact Hagai Pettel, to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quotation.

Baseline Pricing

The baseline price for ODB++2GBR starts around $2500 and drops based on the volume of licenses purchased and the time over which those licenses are purchased.

We realize that many OEM's (especially startups) cannot accurately predict the number of licenses they will need in a given year - hence we are open to various pricing structures that reward the OEM for surpassing the targeted number and penalize him for missing it.

You should contact our sales dept at info@artwork.com, to discuss your requirements.