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Wafer maps are used in the back end of the IC manufacturing process to annotate the die on a wafer - the annotation may indicate whether the die is good or bad, the "grade" of the device or whether this device is a reference device.

WMVU (Wafer Map Viewer) enables an engineer to view wafer maps. It uses the same underlying libraries as WMEdit and WMBatch, but does not enable any editing or conversion.

WMVU main screen displaying an E5-1296 map file.

Figure 1: WMVU main screen displaying the map, the map properties bar and the map color bar.

Includes All Supported Formats

Unlike our other products where each format requires a separate license, the WMVU license opens any format supported with Artwork's libraries. If we support the format, you are able to open and display it.

Ideal Companion for WMBatch

For users of WMBatch, Artwork's command line converter, WMVU is the ideal tool to verify that the command file is producing the desired output.

Supported Map Formats

WMAPI based products support over 20 text, XML and binary formats. Many industry standards such as SEMI E-142, G85, IBIS and SINF. Additional formats from probers including TEL, EG and TSK. For a complete list and notes on each format please go to the Map Formats page.

Glossary of Terms

Various Map formats use different terms for parameters and measurements. Our glossary of termspage provides details on terms used and can be useful when converting from one format to another where different terms are used for an identical function.