Installing Ballmap

Installing Ballmap

Download the Required Files

  1. acslib258_2000.exe
  3. hostinfo2.exe

Run hostinfo2.exe to get your machine's Hostid

hostinfo reports your computer's hostid

The hostid will be a hex number such as 0x567b05a000.

Email this hostid to Artwork along with your request for ballmap. We will return an email with an installation password for acslib258_2000 and the keystrings required to run ballmap.

Re: keycodes for ballmap

Here are the keycodes for ballmap. The acslib installation

The keycodes for ball map are:



Artwork Customer Service

Install the acslib258_2000.exe

Double click on the acslib258_2000.exe to start the installation program. It will prompt you to enter a password. Enter the password you were provided in the email.

entering the password for acslib

The installation will ask you where to place the program libraries. The default location is C:\ACS Package Tools 2000\acslib. You can change this if you desire. The program installs 4-5 MB of libraries. Hint: If you already have one of Artwork Conversion's packaging programs such as Wirebond, FA4ST or Bondgen installed, you can skip this step entirely as the libraries are already present.

Unzip the file

Unzip and put the files into any temporary area such as C:\temp. There are three files:

ballmap106.exe - copy this C:\ACS Package Tools 2000\acslib

Make a shortcut to ballmap106.exe so that you can launch it easily.

Creating the License Key File

In the same directory where you installed the acslib (typically C:\ACS Package Tools 2000\acslib) you should create a new, empty text file called acs.key. (not acs.key.txt). Then open the file with Wordpad and paste in the keystring you received by email. (I guarantee that if you attempt to type in the long keystring you will make at least one error ....)

If you already have an acs.key file present (because you have some of Artwork's other programs such as Wirebond/Bondgen/FA4st, then open the file and add the new key line to the file. (If you delete the existing key string already there your other installed programs won't work!)

key string for acs.key
Save the results and make sure that the file is saved as acs.key and not acs.txt or acs.key.txt.

The Excel Module

AcsBallMap.xla - this is a Microsoft Excel Add-In. You should copy it to the directory where Excel loads .xla files upon start up. This directory will vary depending on where you have installed your Excel and the version but typically it will look something like:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\XLStart

Each time Excel starts, it will load the AcsBallMap.xla Add In. If you have done this correctly, the next time you start Excel you will see in the Tools pulldown an entry called Ballmap.

Ballmap should appear in your Excel Tools pulldown

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