Ballmap Revision History

1.05 [12/12/2001]

Fixes a bug encountered when BGA population was in excess of 40 balls.

1.04 [11/30/2001]

Adds the security/licensing routines. Since BallMap requires the installation of ACSLib, but has no install itself, it is considered part of the packaging suite. Hence, key codes for BallMap should go in the ACSLib directory acs.key file. All licensing types are supported.

1.03 [11/08/2001]

Fixes a bug encounrtered if colors were not initialized before running the program.

1.02 [10/30/2001]

Fixes the bug which assumes there are three sheets at the start. Renamed the macro menu/caption to 'BallMap to Table'. You must remove any existing BallMap menu before the latter can take effect.

1.01 [10/10/2001]

Initial Release

  1. Execute BallMap.exe which will bring up the interface.
  2. Use the Browse button to select the ASCII file containing the net-ball data.
  3. Use the View button to display a (modeless) line numbered version of the file.
  4. Identify the first and last row of the net-ball data and set these in the interface.
  5. Identify the net and ball columns and set those in the interface.
  6. Select fonts for the net and ball data using the Change buttons.
  7. Set the cell size for the TOP and BOTTOM sheets. The units are Points (1/72") so 18 = 1/4".
  8. Identify the A1 corner as viewed from the TOP of the package.
  9. Use the (modeless) Colors dialog to define colors for the net cells. Wildcard matching is supported.

Here is what the program will do when you hit OK (NOTE: it is important not to interrupt Excel, which is possible, until the BallMap dialog disappears from the TaskBar):

  1. Launch Excel and create a new workbook.
  2. Create three worksheets - TOP, BOTTOM and NETLIST.
  3. Import the net-ball data to the first two columns of sheet NETLIST.
  4. Identify the ball population in X and Y and create the ball labels on the TOP sheet.
  5. Fill in the nets according to which balls they are associated with.
  6. Set font, cell size and coloring options.
  7. Repeat for the BOTTOM sheet.

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