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Creating raster bitmap files from CAD formats is an essential step in both mask making and for inspection. Artwork has specialized in this business for over 25 years and offers a line of high performance rasterizers for Gerber, ODB++ and GDSII data formats. Most of the tools listed below are incorporated into PCB and semiconductor equipment by the manufacturer.


Arwork's highest performance rasterizer - an extension library working within the QisMLib platform. Additional extensions support Gerber input, distortion correction, etch factor compensation, greyscale conversion and bitmap compression.

InkRaster - Inkjet Optimized Rasterizer

InkRaster is a Gerber rasterizer optimized for driving industrial inkjets. Includes droplet compensation, separate DPI in X and Y, inverse and ink coverage control ...


Directly rasterizes ODB++ data to a monochrome bitmap. Available as a stand alone executable or as a shared library (DLL).

Utilities and Data Prep

Very Large Bitmap Viewer

A specialized viewer designed to load very large monochrome bitmaps (GBytes +++) and quickly display the data and enable pan, zoom and measurement. Very useful for those that must routinely handle and analyze large bitmaps.

Rstrcmp - Comparing Two Large Bitmaps

Compare two large bitmaps (XOR) and identifies small differences.


A pre-processor for GDSII and ODB++ layout data - it finds repetitive geometries and outputs them in a way that the RTCR can produce large bitmaps quickly and efficiently.

Legacy Rasterizers

The rasterizers listed below are superseded by Artwork's highest performance rasterizer - the QisMRaster extension that is part of QisMLib. Additional extension libraries provide Gerber support, distortion correction and output formatting such as greyscale conversion and bitmap compression. We recommend that new customers engage with the QisMRaster product.


a customized version of GBR_RIP with 4 bit greyscale output and geometry sizing. [Superseded by QisMRaster and the QisMGerber extension.]


Rasterizes Gerber (RS274X) data to monochrome or grey-scale bitmaps. [Superseded by QisMRaster and the QisMGerber extension.]

Real Time Correction RIP

A combination high speed RIP with the ability to accept correction data derived from substrate measurements. The RIP supports GDSII but works with its companion pre-processor, SFGEN, which supports both GDSII and ODB++ files.[Superseded by QisMRaster.]


a GDSII rasterizer with customizations including: i) shear distorion transformation and ii) user defined tiling of the output bitmaps. [Superseded by QisMRast and QisMCoorX extensions.]

Nexgen RIP

Libraries for high performance OEM rasterizing of GDSII and OASIS layout data. Designed for mask writers, laser direct imaging and mask/wafer inspection equipment. [Superseded by QisMRast.]

Application Notes

Comparison of Artwork's Rasterizers

Artwork has developed a number of rasterizers. This page describes the main features of each one.

Raster Optimizations for Inkjet Applications

Driving an inkjet for PCB applications should be optimized to take into account the unique limitations of inkjetting as compared to light exposure ...

Formatting DMD Frames

Issues and solutions for formatting bitmaps into DMD frames for DLP based mask writers

Turn Off Thumbnail Folder Option

Windows Users - make sure thumbnail generation is turned off when dealing with large bitmaps ...

Gerber to GDS Verification by Bitmap Compare

We show how one can verify a complex Gerber to GDSII conversion (for a mask writer) by rasterizing both files and then comparing the resulting bitmaps using an XOR.

Pixel Snapping

Why are my diagonal lines jagged? Why are equally spaced lines and gaps no longer equall spaced? It's all due to pixel snapping.

Spiral RIP for DVD/CD Mastering Equipment

Can one use a DVD mastering machine as a way to create high resolution, low costs masks?

Exceeding the 4 GB Bitmap Limit

The TIFF format is limited to a maximum file size of 4 GB. What to do when your bitmaps exceed the limit? Welcome to BigTIFF.


Why Artwork does not recommend directly rasterizing DWG/DXF from AutoCAD or other mechanical drafting software.